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Integra BEE Training is a separate legal entity from Integra BEE Solutions. Integra BEE Training was established with the aim of focusing solely on Training. Integra BEE Training is in the process of being accredited within the Services SETA to provide Accredited Training on Broad-Based Black Economic Empowered (‘B-BBEE”) as well as Employment Equity Committee Training.

B-BBEE Training will be directed toward the following industry stakeholders:

  • HR Professionals and Financial Managers responsible for B-BBEE within their companies
  • Business Owners wanting to gain an in-depth knowledge on B-BBEE and how it will impact on their business
  • B-BBEE Verification Professionals aiming to gain in-depth knowledge on how the B-BBEE Codes are applied and interpreted
  • B-BBEE Managers within the Verification Industry

Employment Equity Committee Training will be directed towards the following industry stakeholders:

  • Employment Equity Managers
  • HR Professionals
  • Employment Equity Committee Members

More information to follow once accreditation is awarded.

For more information, please contact Annemarie Kotze on 083 228 3828.